The NDF community is a lovely bunch, and one of the loveliest things about it is that membership fees go directly towards supporting current members by funding annual NDF scholarships. 

This year NDF is pleased to offer five scholarships that will pay the full registration fees for successful applicants. Please apply using the form below. Criteria for these awards and terms and conditions appear at the end of the form. 

Please let us know the name and email of someone who can vouch for you.
Conference fee scholarships
Are you applying for a...
Please outline why you need a scholarship.
Please provide a statement of how attending the conference is relevant to your work or course of study?


The selection panel will use the following criteria to guide their scholarship awards:

  • Relevance of current work (or current courses if a student)
  • Potential to  enhance digital interaction with NZ culture and heritage, and support open or increased access to NZ content and information
  • Previous attendance at an NDF (preference will be given to those who have not attended before)
  • Assessment of financial need
  • Recommendation (from a member, employer, or lecturer)
  • Scholarships to seek a balance of recipients across gender, location, GLAM type, and experience level

Terms and conditions

  • Applications are open to NDF individual members and are due by 28 July 2017. If you are not currently a member but wish to become one, the membership fee is $25 per annum.
  • Successful recipients will be published online by 30 August 2017 and notified by email.
  • Scholarships are valid for attending the 2017 NDF conference. They are non-transferable and will be claimed through an online registration process. 
  • Recipients of all scholarships need to provide a brief evaluation of the conference to the NDF board, including a report of how they have shared their learning with their community (or plan to do so). The board may choose to publish all or some of the evaluations on its website under a Creative Commons BY licence.
  • In considering applications the panel reserves the right to decline an application or offer a scholarship of greater or lesser value to the one you have applied for.
  • Recipients of conference fee scholarships need to register before the close of early-bird registration or pay the balance of the higher non-early bird rate.