NDF Awards

The NDF awards were inaugurated at the 2015 conference where we awarded our first ever awards for projects and people in the GLAM sector doing fantastic work.

NDF2017 Awards

We are now accepting nominations for the NDF2017 awards. Please submit your nominations before Tuesday 31 October at 1pm.

NDF2016 Awards

In 2016 the board gave out four awards and two further awards were voted on by conference attendees for talks during the conference.

The board awards were:

Open sesame award: Auckland War Memorial Museum; for undertaking an imaging and cataloguing project that will result in an open access programme that all New Zealanders can celebrate

Community builder award: Dunedin Public Libraries, for forging an important relationship with the Cedars of Lebanon, the local Lebanese community in Dunedin to create a digitisation centre for the wider community

Great collaborator award: Tusk Culture, for creating a collaborative space that values diversity and promotes voices from across our sector

Sharing is caring award: Victoria Leachman, for championing the importance of rights and permissions in the cultural sector and generously sharing her knowledge

The conference awards were:

“The big thought award”, for the talk that made people think differently, presented a big idea and opened people’s minds: Adam Moriarty, “Paul Reynolds Scholarship 2016: International adventures in linked open data”

“The big takeaway award”, for the talk that inspired people to try something new or different in their practical work: Matariki Williams and Nina Finigan, Tusk Culture, “Getting it done”

NDF2015 Awards

In 2015 the awards went to:

New digital exhibition or collection Nga Taonga Sound & Vision for Anzac Sights and Sounds, bringing a fresh look to their collections in commemoration of the First World War.

New digitisation project Auckland Museum for its Artefact Digitisation Project, giving New Zealanders the chance to be part of a bigger project and to uncover as well as ahare their stories

Innovative use of technology Glen Barnes’s efforts to bring in the DIY book scanner to NZ.

Social media innovation Auckland Museum and and the team behind the #OneThread hashtag – bringing collections together and making it fun and engaging.