Become a member of ndf

There are specific benefits in becoming a member of NDF, both as individuals and organisations - but perhaps just as important is the knowledge that you are contributing to the growth of digital culture and heritage in New Zealand.

The NDF is a volunteer and non‐profit incorporated society. By becoming a member of NDF you help to make this a vibrant network that we can all benefit from. Thanks for your support!

Individual membership

Benefits for becoming an individual member:

  • Eligible for conference scholarships and grants

  • Only individual members can be nominated to the NDF Board

  • Preferential selection for events and programmes

Voting rights:

  • Full voting rights at all member meetings and NDF Board elections


  • $25.00 per year

  • All individual fees go towards conference scholarships awarded to members

Organisational membership

There are three options for becoming an organisational member of NDF. Organisational fees go toward administration costs and reducing conference expenses. Please contact us at if you have any questions about the membership tiers below.  Thanks again for your support.

Benefits for becoming an institution / organisation member:

  • $100 discount for each conference registration for staff

  • Recognition as a supporter of NDF

  • Only Organisational members can nominate individuals to the NDF Board

  • Additional benefits accrue to organisations as per tiers below

Voting rights:

  • There are no voting rights.