Get connected to the National Digital Forum

Staying in contact with the digital work of our sectors is as easy as following us on Twitter, or subscribing to our newsletter. But like any network of people, you get out of it what you put in. The more you get involved, the more people you will meet, and the more opportunities and doors that will open for you. Here are some ways you can get connected to the National Digital Forum:

Follow us on Twitter

You'll find us tweeting at NDFNZ about the digital stuff happening in our galleries, libraries, archives, museums and other interesting places. Follow-us for an easy way to stay in touch.

Subscribe to our monthly email newsletter

The NDF monthly newsletter is an easy way to stay connected with jobs, events, and important digital news from across our sectors.

Attend local events

NDF Ambassadors work to run events throughout the country. It's great to get together once a year at the conference if you can make it... but don't wait that long to connect to the people around you. Keep an eye on our listing of Regional Digital Fora, workshops, and local events.

Attend the NDF conference

Details for the yearly conference start coming out from May each year. If you haven't had the chance to attend an NDF conference before, you can get a sense of topics by checking out the recordings of previous speakers on our YouTube channel.

Become an individual member

You can signal your support for NDF by becoming an individual member. Among other benefits you'll also become eligible for conference scholarships!

Join our discussion forum on Loomio

As an individual member you will be able to join us in discussions about the digital work across our culture and heritage sector. Our discussion and decision-making platform is hosted on Loomio and is an exclusive member benefit.

Become an organisational member

Organisations can also become members to receive conference discounts for their staff and show their support for the NDF network.


If you enjoy your interactions with NDF colleagues, perhaps you want to get more involved. There are a heap of professional development opportunities, and we'd be happy to introduce you to many of the great people we get to interact with. Contact us if you'd like to volunteer.

Become an NDF Board member

If you really love what NDF is about, you should think about becoming an NDF Board member. Elections are held once a year, and it is a fantastic professional development opportunity and way to give back to our network.