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Just wanted to share a WW100 (First World War Centenary) project a few NDF members have been working on together: Life 100 Years Ago, on Twitter here: .

The basic idea is 'what if Twitter had been invented 100 years ago?'. We're Tweeting curated excerpts from diaries and newspapers and other primary sources to create a picture of life in New Zealand - starting now (1913 / 2013) and leading into wartime.

We hope people will start Tweeting from soldiers diaries from 2014 onwards - so we'll have voices at home and those experiencing war all together. Just as we would if WW1 was happening today.

Currently our diarists / sources come from Te Papa (@adkin_diary), National Library (@PapersPastNZ), Wairarapa Archive (@FPWelchdiaries) and Kete Horowhenua / Te Takere (@Denton_Diary):

We launched the project to align with another WW100 project from Auckland Museum & Torpedo Bay Navy Museum - tracking the visit of the battleship HMS New Zealand: - and we've built connections between the two projects. All of the sources from @Life100YearsAgo mention the visit of the dreadnought.

The project is participatory. Generally, anyone with a primary source that has material specific to a given day can join in - as long as they're prepared to seriously Tweet, follow our guidelines and think about what makes a good story.

We're really keen to build up the 'Join In' page with links to other online diaries that people (especially school students) can 'adopt' to Tweet from. So if you've got something like this online (and you're not thinking of using it yourself) can you please let me know? Email:

Happy to chat more about how it works if you're interested. Would love to hear what you think too. It's a bit of an experiment, and I'd be lying if I said we're not just making it up as we go along!

A bit more about the project here:

Web version here for people who aren't into Twitter:
April 16, 2013 | Registered CommenterVirginia Gow