NDF2014 : 24-26 November

Preconference workshops

  • Wikipedia and the GLAMs: a discussion and editing workshop | Mike Dickison, Natural History Curator at Whanganui Regional Museum
  • Digital project management | Lynne Siemens, Associate Professor, University of Victoria

conference programme


Lightning talks

5x15 talks

Streamed talks

  • Anna Dean: Online marketing and social media 101
  • Heath Sadlier (Optimal Experience): User experience 101
  • Matt McGregor (Creative Commons Aoteroa New Zealand): Creative Commons for GLAMs 101
  • Bronwyn Holloway-Smith (Massey University): New cultural narratives for New Zealand’s Southern Cross Cable Part 1: Te Ika-a-Akoranga
  • Brenda Leeuwenberg (NZ on Air): Transmedia: What is it and why should I care?
  • Birgit Bachler and Vicki Smith (Aotearoa Digital Arts Network): Links, cables; bricks and mortar: Aotearoa Digital Arts Network
  • Claire Murdoch (Te Papa Press): Museums and digital publishing
  • Reid Perkins (Upper Hutt City Library): Digital communities: Inviting community involvement in digital heritage collections
  • Carolyn Stuart (Network for Learning): Pondering Pond: Network for Learning’s teacher space
  • Tyler Wellensiek (State Library of Queensland): Indigenous Knowledge Centres: Preserving cultural knowledge
  • Frank Stark (Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision): Tuple or Nothing
  • Joanna Szczepanski (Canterbury Museum): Curatorial Conundrums: Cataloguing bespoke software
  • Elycia Wallis (Museum Victoria): Old books and new science: the many uses of the Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • James Smithies (University of Canterbury): A view inside the ivory towers: The state of digital humanities in New Zealand
  • Vanessa Gibbs (University of Otago): Mining Marsden: The four pieces of the puzzle
  • Basil Keane (Ministry for Culture & Heritage): Historical Māori biographies: Or who is Arama Karaka?
  • Amanda Lawrence (Swinburne University of Technology): Digital grey literature: the challenge and opportunity for information services
  • Michael Parry (Victoria University of Wellington): Developing a Digital Preservation Framework
  • Jay Gattuso (National Library of New Zealand): Digital preservation in action: Migration is not just a technical task
  • Judith Bright (John Kinder Theological Library): Digitising Church Newspapers: Endless possibilities
  • Philip Edgar and Adrian Kingston (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa): Open access: The experience at Te Papa
  • Courtney Johnston (The Dowse): Making choices: Why The Dowse is working on Wikipedia, not an online collection
  • Matt Plummer (Victoria University of Wellington): Tailor made: Digital media cataloguing and presentation in the open source age
  • Douglas Bagnall: Spying on the past
  • Keith Vaz (Museum Victoria): Nodel: Taming the technology
  • Karl Kane & Tim Parkin (Massey University): Designing the library of the future
  • David Brydon (Kiwi AR Ltd): Augmented reality: Connecting to the public in new ways
  • Laurence Zwimpfer and Annette Beattie (2020 Communications Trust): Digital skills for a digital future: The role of libraries as community hubs