Why attend NDF?

Struggling to convince your manager why you should attend this year's NDF conference? Or just wondering what to put in your professional development request? Here’s why you should be here this year.

I need to attend the NDF conference to hear about the latest developments in the digital culture and heritage sectors, network with other people in the community and learn new approaches to our collective work.
The NDF conference is for and about people just like you, working in the cultural and heritage sectors who are trying to work out the best way of using the web for the benefit of your organisation. It brings together people from right across the GLAM sector to hear about the latest trends and development and network with each other.

It’s an incredible opportunity to meet and connect with other people (including prestigious international keynote speakers), learn about what they’re doing, and take the lessons they’ve already learned back to your organisation. And more than that you can make connections with people and organisations that you and your organisation can work and collaborate with on new digital projects.

And if you need some hard data, attendees regularly rate the NDF conferences and their value for money as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.
NDF is an amazing opportunity to hear what colleagues and peers are doing in the GLAM digital space and to network and make connections to improve how we all make our collections available for the public to enhance New Zealand’s cultural and economic wealth. — NDF2013 attendee
As it was my first conference, I found it to be a great experience to meet people and see what’s happening out there. — NDF2012 attendee
If you need to sell attendance to your manager, don’t just look at what you’ll learn from the two or three or four days. Talk about the value you’ll get from becoming part of a community that is always sharing and learning from each other. — self-professed supporter of NDF, Courtney Johnston