NDF2015 : 13-14 October

Pre-conference workshops

  • Digital curation and preservation | Presenter: Leigh Rosin (Digital Archivist, Alexander Turnbull Library), Jess Moran (Assistant Digital Archivist, ATL) and Amy Joseph (Legal Deposit Librarian, National Library of New Zealand and DPOE-certified Digital Preservation trainer).
  • Qualitative and quantitative analytics (metrics) for cultural heritage organisations | Presenter: Michael Lascarides, National Library of New Zealand.
  • Hardware hacking 101 for GLAMs | Presenters: Michael Borthwick, Michael Borthwick Consulting, and Glen Barnes, My Tours
  • Introduction to agile | Presenter: The workshop will facilitated by Jesse Stegmann (Agile Coach, Boost Agile), Brett Garner (Agile Coach, Boost Agile) 

Conference Programme


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Lightening talks

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Post conference events