Pay it forward

We recognise the importance of valuing all members of our community and believe that for the digital culture and heritage sector to prosper, it must attract, develop and retain a diverse range of talented people. 

The pay it forward grants have a specific focus on promoting inclusivity and accessibility in order to improve diversity within the NDF conference community. They are funded through donations additional to member fees by conference attendees and others who can afford to pay a bit extra on top of their registration fee or to make a donation during the year. 

To pay it forward you can:

  • Make a donation at any time by filling out the form below. You will be invoiced for this donation.

  • Make a smaller donation during the conference lead up when you register and have it included in your conference invoice.

Donations for grants to attend NDF2019 must be made by 6 September 2019. After this donations will go towards NDF2020 grants. A huge thank you to all of our generous donors.

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