Professional development activities

Thanks to the leadership of our NDF ambassadors we're currently running regional digital fora, skill-share workshops, and skill-share loans throughout New Zealand. Find more details below.


professional development tool kit

Our professional development toolkit is available to browse and contribute to. Share links to readings, resources, tools, case studies and best practice. You'll find bespoke links to our own content in there too.


Regional digital fora

The NDF Regional Digital Fora (like an unconferences) are participant-driven events where the attendees both create the agenda and run the sessions. NDF RDF are an opportunity to get together with others in your area and share ideas about the digital work of museums, libraries, archives, galleries and others in the broad cultural heritage space.

These fora are free events, and run mid-late in the year. They'll be an opportunity to start a conversation to continue at the NDF Conference… or get a taste of NDF and contribute locally if you can't make it to the full conference. 

Check the events section for upcoming fora >>


Skill-share workshops

As an add-on to the local Regional Fora, some ambassadors also offer an afternoon's training workshop for attendees. Topics can be wide ranging, and it’s up to each area to decide what kind of workshop they want, and who they want to invite to run the workshop. Check out the range of options in the skill-share listings (Word doc, 19 KB).

Check the events section for upcoming workshops >>


Skill-share loans

If your organisation then wants to "borrow" some digital expertise, you can review the skill-share listings (Word doc, 19 KB) and contact someone with a proposed assignment.

If you need a grant to support travel or accommodation expenses for your skill-share loan; or if you've recently shared your skills, please contact us to let us know.

Skill-share is a way to help build skills and knowledge across the NDF network. If you have digital skills or knowledge that you are willing to freely share for several hours or days, then you can list a skills offer.