This year, we're looking for NDF ambassadors around New Zealand to help us continue our networking and professional development activities in the regions.

As an NDF regional ambassador, you’ll be an advocate for the work of the NDF to enhance digital interaction with New Zealand culture and heritage, by:

  • Being the main point of contact for outreach from the NDF Board to your region
  • Organising an annual ‘barcamp’ meet-up for like-minded digital folk from galleries, libraries, archives, museums and similar organisations in your region. You will have the option of adding a half-day training workshop to this (we'll pay for the workshop provider to attend), and can choose a workshop topic that best fits the needs of your region.
  • Identifying ongoing opportunities for regional networking, for example brown-bag lunches to share experiences or watch videos of presentations from the previous year's conference.

In return, you’ll receive:

  • A free ticket to the annual NDF conference in Wellington
  • Support from the NDF Board to run your barcamps and host the workshop (including subsidised travel to Wellington for training, and promotional collateral)
  • An ‘ambassador pack’ to help you with your regional activity – including videos of the previous year’s conference
  • The opportunity to enhance your CV with new skills in 'event management' and regional co-ordination.

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Barcamps (sometimes called unconferences) are participant-driven events where the attendees both create the agenda and run the sessions. These NDF barcamps are an opportunity to get together with others in your region and share ideas about the digital work of museums, libraries, archives, galleries and others in the broad cultural heritage space.

These barcamps are free events, and will be run mid-year. They'll be an opportunity to start a conversation to continue at the NDF Conference… or get a taste of NDF and contribute locally if you can't make it to the full conference. 

Find out more about barcamps


In addition to the barcamp, you also have the option of selecting an afternoon training workshop for barcamp attendees. Topics to choose from will be posted in April 2014, but will be wide ranging - from copyright and creative commons licensing for the GLAM sector to crowdsourcing for beginners, agile development, simple ways to use social media to build your digital identity, or measuing impact and demonstrating value.


Experience with previous barcamps has shown that attendees get so much out of the exchange of ideas they want to continue meeting - but often don't get around to doing this. As a regional ambassador, we encourage you to show leadership in your region and organise ongoing informal meet-ups. For example, watching a previous NDF presentation together, and discussing it as a group can be a great way to share insights and ideas.

If you are interested in becoming an NDF ambassador for your region, please apply by 28 March 2014. We'd love to hear from you.