The National Digital Forum is a network of people working together to enhance digital interaction with culture and heritage in New Zealand. We run an amazing conference, arrange local events, and support professional development opportunities.


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Barcamps are user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web. They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants.

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May's News? - A Big Announcement 


We are delighted to introduce you to our 2015 conference keynotes: Trevor Owens, George Oats, Ben O'Steen, Claire Amos, and José Barbosa. Read on for all the details, and something a little different...

Watch last years conference on youtube

Don't worry if you missed last years conference because the keynotes and speaker presentation are up on the NDF YouTube channel 

Rick Shera - Keynote address NDF 2014 It'll be the death of us